June 3, 2012


Gears is one of my favourite topic to write on.Gears are actually wheels that are connected and reduces the energy needed to do the work.Each gear has teeth on its circumference so that they don't slip.For Example,the cycle has a pair of paddles which are connected to a wheel.This wheel is called a gear.The gears moves another gear which are connected by a chain.The second gear which is moved by the paddles connected by the wheel.Thus when the gear moves the wheel moves and this is how a cycle works.Most of the cycles have a single gear,however every car has multiple gear of different sizes which helps the car to move smoothly.For Example,a bigger gear is used to drive a car uphill, this is because with a bigger ratio,the driven gear turns slower related to the driving gear but though it turns slowly,it turns with more force.But while driving a car on a level road we should use a small gear.This is because with a smaller gear ratio, the driven gear turns faster but with less force.So next time whenever you go with your dad to a long trip just guess which gear to change at the place you are driving.Now don't ever be scared of the science concepts explained in the classroom,just do some research on the topic from the net, books etc. and you will be surprised that the topic that you were thinking is difficult is now so easy.   

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