October 4, 2011


Once there was girl who lived in Kailash Colony.Her name was Reema.She was 10 years old. She loved reading books.One day she went to her favourate bookshop Readers Paradise.She romed for a while then she saw her favourate Tinkle comics in the 2nd shelf.She pulled it out of the shelf. Then she payed at the counter.When she was leaving a man with a long beard, a sticker on his hand and wearing a black leather jacket grabbed her books.Reema screamed.All the other customers asked her why did she shout.She said that a man stole her books when she was going out of the book store.The customers were scared.They informed the inccident to police.Police investigated at the point.They found a sticker on the ground.Mr.John,one of the the officer asked Reema ,'Did the thief had a sticker on his
or his/her hand?'

      Reema tried to remember. Then suddenly she rose up and said,''Yes!Yes!He had one. Then all the men with a tatoo on the hand in Indore were called.Reema said that none of the theif.Mr.John when got to now that one man had not come and the address he had given to the tatoo maker was wrong so immediatly told the police officers to go and search any other informatiion by his name.They didn't got any information other than this.So Mr.John thought for a while and got up and said,''If a theif tells wrong address,something is right in it ''.The address was 201,Greater Tirupati Colony,Indore. So Mr.John searched if there was any other 201,Greater Tirupati Colony in India.Luckily there was one in Chennai.They went there.A very old women opened the door.Mr.John asked her abot the theif.She said,''My son has a bad habit of robbing things.I am sure he has done it and even I want you to arrest him as after this he will learn a lesson and will never rob.''The police were all amazed by her answer and asked her where will her sonbe now.she said,''Now I don't know where he is but I know that he will come in Golden Restaurent at 10:pm and Mr John found him there.He was punished and never robed anyone again.The old woman,Reema,the theif and Mr.John all became very happy.Hence laughing on somebody is very easy but making somebody laugh is very difficult and when somebody laughs because of you,you fell that that's your biggest reward.
                                      Abhimanyu Sethia

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