March 22, 2015

How I Corrected A Major Fallacy!

Some days before, my grandmother told me,"Lets play cards together!" Unfortunately, it was at that point of time, I had to leave for school. After some similar instances that took place in the next couple of days, that it has become very difficult to find out time for your parents and grandparents and so my father gave me the suggestion of teaching her computer so that she could play cards on the computer. I was doubtful of the suggestion at beginning because my grandma had to be persuaded for 15 years to buy a microwave. So computer seemed a distant dream. But then I thought of giving it a try and it yielded much! But it was some time after that I was under a wrong belief, precisely fallacy, which I soon corrected!

Well, it was a little after two somewhere in the early January when I pressed the switch ON telling my grandma the way to switch on a computer. I saw her being mesmerized as the monitor lit up. I kept on telling her things and she noted all of it in a spiral diary. I told her now, she has to do it and she did that gracefully. Then, she started playing cards on the computer. She started with Solitaire, then she went on to more card games and today she is playing Online Rummy on some Rummy site. But this post is about how I corrected my fallacy.

Image result for old lady on computerWhen I started, I was glad how it brought about a change. Whenever, I came from school or after playing or from the park, she was there sitting on the computer, not only playing but exploring, exploring new games and more importantly exploring her new side. This not only brought peace to my grand mother but also to my grandfather. The stock questions were replaced by details about her games on the PC. She talked about CPU, about the new sites she discovered. All these talks repeatedly made me feel better. I had started feeling fascinated by the fact that its been years since, she has been teaching me but now I am doing the same to her. I felt how weird life is, first you teach someone and then you learn from him. But no sooner did I discover it was a fallacy. 

What she learnt from me was something that survival didn't conflict with but what I learnt from her was something that you can not weigh or compare or tag it as "less important" . I learnt from her determination to play Cyber Cards, to grow till the end, to not allow herself to mitigate her smartness. I learnt from her fortitude and will power to maintain a better lifestyle, at an age where people fail to take initiative. I learnt from the perseverance ,she kept, while we went through the ups and downs of the journey. She forgot something which I taught her the previous day, but what I learnt was she didn't stop trying and neither did she fear defeat. I learnt from her dedication, energy and conviction to learn, to grow and to transit from an un-updated person to an updated tech-friendly person. But above all this what I learnt was that though I was her teacher in the course of her computer training but she never failed to teach me, whatever way it is, as a student too! 

Then, I did correct a major fallacy! Thank You Grandma for all the love and wisdom!

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