May 19, 2014

Why Do we Say "Cheers" ?- Interesting Read

After a long time something caught my attention and I thought I should share this with you. When we drink soft drinks or any kind of drinks, we say "cheers." Have you ever thought why do we say that? Though there is no particular reason discovered till now, but you always have predictions. Two of the very interesting, logical and real predictions which I came across recently are down here-  

  • The Five Senses- We all know that we have five senses and sense organs that is eye, ear, mouth, skin and nose. We drink drinks to celebrate. When we drink , we can enjoy the drink and take its delight by smelling, tasting, feeling or seeing. However we can not take its "आनंद" by hearing. We say "cheers" so that we can enjoy the drink by its to its maximum limit
  •  World War 1- During the time of World War 1, the world was infected with terrorism and no one could be trusted. Therefore, whenever two people drunk wine or some other drink, They used to fill it to its brim and then they would say cheers and gently touch each other's glass. This touch mixed each-other's drink and so if one had mixed some poisonous into another one's drink, both would die together. There ends the story of the invention of this word- "cheers" 
You suggestions are cheered on !!!!!!  

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