July 21, 2015

Unreasonably Right- Our Education System

The Indian Education System has recently raised my Standard to proud 9 which is usually referred to by a capital 'I' followed by 'X.' Within this journey, I have found a lot of things unreasonable and I fail to understand how this kind of an education system is so widely accepted! This why-so-serious post, needs a disclaimer- "No Offense" 

Because They Said It
Some questions lie unanswered for the students, this is like setting up a base in the air. There is a hollowness which pertains till the person's life and this hollowness fails to be filled. If you consider questions to be a filler in this hollowness, then you have forgotten that this was said by Einstein and Galileo and Wordsworth and Smith! 

Why Did You Not Forget Your Dinner
I forgot my notebook at home is one of the rarest statements heard by students who tend to justify there not bringing notebooks to school. Instead, nowadays, they prefer guests at home or death of their grandmother because they know that if they say they forgot things at home, they will be asked to justify their remembering eating dinner, their remembering playing sports, in fact, they will even be asked to justify their wearing clothes. If this is the kind of response you get to the truth, then we are surely giving an incentive for making excuses and what not! 

I Will Make You Sit in Grade 1
Moreover, if you don't answer a question, you are threatened to be made to sit in Grade 1 just because you fail to remember what you were taught five or six years back. However, I have always failed to understand what the teachers were trying to prove by saying so, considering that they were our respected teachers in Grade 1 too. 

I Will Mark You as Remedial and that's Shameful
The school torture crosses its limits when for a second chance they call it remedial and moreover that's shameful. For teachers, it is remedy to marks and for me, it is nothing more than a second chance to improve. If improving is shameful then lets deteriorate!

You Have Failed
If you fail to pass certain standards of eligibility, you have failed. Well, surely, someone has failed but then, I doubt who has- the student or the teacher? 

We Will Call Your Parents
Well, what's the need! Can't you handle me

Sports and activities are Secondary
Today, we call sports and other activities like dance and music as co-curricular and optional courses. While the curricular genius is believed to be smart and intelligent, the musical genius is stupid and dumb. Albert Einstein once said, Everybody is a genius but if you tend to judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life to believe that it is stupid!

And What Not? 
If you don't improve, then you are threatened to be thrown out of the school and if you do so, you are undergoing a remedy. If you misbehave, you are required to go to the Principal's cabin and if you accept your guilt, then your parents are to be called and you are going to be suspended for a week!

To me all these things have always seemed unreasonable. For a better a society, we need morally rich students and how are we training these students to be morally rich? I fear, from a morally downgraded education system! Today, if a child cheats in examinations, it is because we value his grades more than his moral values. Too often children are given answers to remember than problems to solve. Let the morals be reasoned and ethics be possessed. Let their be some space for the truth!

P.S. No Offense!

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