February 19, 2015

Delhi Poll Results- How AAP Won The Elections

Impressive and that's what can be said about the Delhi polls! A landslide indeed but it was not easy! I was not surprised by the Exit Poll but the results were surprising. With an opposition of three, it seems as if the opposite an use a Tata Nano to come to the parliament! Talking about Congress, 62 candidates stood before and after the election because they had no seats! Its surprising to see that a two year "young"
party has swiped away two major national parties of the largest democracy in the world. However, it was not easy to defeat two parties operating since a couple of decades and one party which was having party all over India but this time they had a farewell !
  • Weak Opposition- One of the major reason contributing to AAP's huge victory was the kind of opposition. People had lost faith in Congress by seeing their governance in the last decade. Some major mistakes committed by the BJP was a reason to their defeat. The BJP initially didn't declare their chief ministerial candidate trying to convert Delhi election into a referendum on Narendra Modi. But after seeing the response in rallies conducted by the BJP, they understood the need for changing their changing their policy. These rallies brought out the discontentment of people against the Modi government. Some more reasons were- no concrete steps taken against corruption and the more recent incident where Modi was seeing wearing a suit with his name. It was said to be of 7 lakh INR. This was highly criticized and was not taken  positively by the people. Then BJP introduced its Prime ministerial Candidate as Kiran Bedi. Kiran Bedi proved out to be worse. Initially, it looked as a counter move by the BJP however it turned out to be a blunder. As I listened to Kiran bedi in each and every debate or interview, she disappointed me every day. She made controversial statements and she was proved wrong in each debate. Thirdly, spokespersons like Sambit Patra have always been 'stupid' in T.V. shows. Also, all the harsh words said to Kejriwal acted as a wrong move. Also, after winning elections all over India, BJP had made a overconfident image in front of the people. Lastly, Kiran Bedi's statement after the poll results which said,"I have not lost, but BJP has" and also,"I am delighted BJP didn't offer me any money for fighting elections" made people feel happy and delighted for not voting for Kiran Bedi. AAP took advantage of the kind of a vacuum created in the nation where people had generated a hatred towards BJP as well as Congress, and hence, it was the right time for AAP to enter.
  • AAP's Effective Campaign- AAP won not only because of a weak opposition but also because of their very effective campaigning and hard working team. AAP's informed and logical set of spokesperson like Raghav Chadda, Yogendra Yadav and Atishi Marlena impressed the public with their debates and interview ready with statistics. AAP's campaign was done at a very large scale and attracted large amount of youth from not only India but also from abroad. Nearly 500 volunteers from Dehradun and Haryana campaigned for AAP in Delhi. I was surprised to hear my dad say that one of his friends had come from Singapore to campaign for AAP. Kumar Vishwas's poems were a huge hit. Also the connecting AAP to some celebrities like Vishal Dadlani and the "Panch Saal Kejriwal" song were crowd-pullers! AAP's logical and thought provoking approach attracted people to their campaign. Road shows were an affective way of attracting the fun loving masses of Delhi and nearby areas. Heartwarming responses encouraged AAP to conduct some more of them. AAP's approach was simple and straight and that was something that penetrated into the hearts of Delhiites! 
  • How Kejriwal's Image convinced the People- Kejriwal has brought over a new trend of campaigning. Kejriwal made an honest image in front of the citizens of India and the fact that he is an IIT pass out contributed to his supporters. But what was so great about him that people were    convinced to press the button of broom? He was someone who made corruption a national criteria. He made that I-am-amongst-you image and people considered him to be down to Earth (as he was). With a muffler and a blue or red sweater a mass of flesh roaming around the streets of Delhi ad talking to people, made a unique identity for him. His early campaigns like the RTI Act impressed the people. His 49 days government was considered unforgettable and impressive. The red or blue sweater with a muffler became a new trend and Kejriwal became the trend setter. People started tweeting with "#MufflerMan" and "#AAPkiDelhi" Also, attractive poster saying "The Mufflerman Returns" made him the hero of Delhi. His ideology met the public and the fact that he followed ethics strictly was considered by the public. Also, his apology for the resignation as Delhi Chief Minister erased his only mistake. Lastly, his touch of Sense of Humour brought him support. In a T.V. show, he was asked that if wearing a muffler was a marketing strategy and he answered by saying that he had to wear something that covered his face and ears and so, he had two options either a muffler or a monkey cap. Hence, he wore a muffler because he considered Muffler man sounding better than Monkey Man!!!
  • One Major Question To Be Considered- The day after the Delhi Poll elections, while I was going to school, I heard someone say,"How dumb the people of Delhi are!" Is it true? If it were so, I would have been the stauchest opposition to the comment. While I was discussing this matter with someone, he said that we can't judge a government in 49 days. I replied,"then judge BJP and Congress in the last 49 Years." It is remarkable to observe that we still remember the 49 days of AAP but do we remember the 49 years of BJP and Congress? And even if we do so, we remember the last 49 years for major scams and corrupt officials! AAP's victory is something that is historic and will be remembered for years. It will be considered as the biggest blunder ever commited by BJP. Isn't this the start of a new kind of politics? 
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