January 21, 2015

Air Force One- World's Most Sophisticated Airplane!

US president Barack Obama will be the chief guest for Republic Day celebrations. He will travel to India in his presidential plane, Air Force One. Here's what you need to know about the plane:

* The 'Air Force One' call sign was created after a 1953 incident during which a flight, carrying President Elsenhower, entered the same airspace as a commercial airline flight using the same call sign.

* The aircraft has fully equipped office areas with telecommunication system, including 87 telephones and 19 televisions.

* There are two identical Boeing 747-200Bs to act as decoys and a third chartered jumbo jet for office staff and security personnel.

* The aircraft is self-sufficient and all meals are prepared in two galleys.

The aircraft has: 

* A Medical Office which includes a fold-out operating table emergency medical supplies, and a wellstocked pharmacy.

* A Communication centre, with 386km of wiring shielded from elctromagnetic interference caused by nuclear explosions.

* Every flight is staffed by a doctor and a nurse President's private office, or the 'Oval Office Aboard Air Force One' from where the President can address the nation The President's suite includes sleeping quarters, lavatory, shower, vanity and a double sink

* A conference room, originally designed as a situation room, with a plasma screen TV that can be used for teleconferencing

Defence system of the aircraft

Directed infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) system directs an infrared beam onto the missile's IR seeker of an incoming missile. It then tries a variety of jamming algorithms, to disturb the set path of the missile.

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