December 26, 2014

Is Merely Building Toilets A Solution

After a lot of discussion the question boils down to whether merely building toilets is a solution and the answer is a clear ‘NO’. This can be proved by asking yourself a question - if you see a public toilet on a road, would you use it? The general answer would be “no”, since the lack of cleanliness in public toilets prevents one from using them. The second problem is the mind-set of the people. The Hindu scriptures say that we should excrete far from our home. These kind of religious barriers don’t allow the people to progress. Therefore, to make the sanitation mission successful, the very first thing we need to do is to alter the mind-set of the people. Awareness through newspapers and hoardings, through campaigns, through street plays is the only way to do that. However, mind-set is not the only problem; these problems include economic problems, problems with the implementation of technology and maintenance problems. The villagers do not have enough money to build a toilet. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to start and to implement schemes to provide the poor people with financial aid. No doubt, the government has been the successful in starting such schemes but implementation is still a question. Implementation becomes even more difficult in a country like India where corruption and greed is limitless, population is excess and there is lack of awareness. This implementation problem intensifies the whole sanitation problem. Even if the government gets some economical and efficient model for toilets, the question again comes to “implementation”. Maintenance problems are another barrier to ‘Mission Sanitation’. However, one thing above all this is the sense of individual responsibility. ‘Mission Sanitation’ will only be successful if every citizen of India feels shame in throwing garbage on roads, only if we feel shameful to defecate in open. I am sure that the attainment of a Clean India is not far but in the foreseeable future. 

December 13, 2014

What is a MUN? Participating in an MUN! My Experience

Recently I went to an MUN. I won a special mention award there and contributed to my school's best delegation award! When I told about this to people on social networking sites as well as during conversations, they had that expression which clearly said, "What in the world is an MUN?"
MUN is Model United Nations. It is an initiative by the UN for the youth all over the world to discuss, understand, think and provide solutions to international problems while at the same time to understand and implement the procedures of united Nations in debating.
There are different committees in a MUN conference ranging from DISEC to UNSC(most important committee), from UNHRC to sometimes even political committees like Lok Sabha or All India Political Party Meet! Each committee has one or multiple agendas being discussed simultaneously in the two or three day conference. You follow some strict rules like banned use of personal pronouns. MUNs teach you a lot- delegation skills, oratory skills as well as a encourage you to do a thorough research about the agenda. But its not that serious as people think of it before going to the conference.

Its too much fun to resist in two days and too much research to be done in a month. Let me start from the beginning. The first IIMUN was being held in Indore and our school was invited. Ma'am chose me and 14 others to participate in the MUN. But just because ma'am wanted us to be thorough with the procedure, she told us to volunteer for an MUN and we agreed.Volunteering for a MUN is too much work but undoubtedly too much fun! The first committee session started and I was the one placed in UNSC. The most hilarious job was the passing of chits and reading them. I still remember the girl who was representing  USA raised her hand which meant that she wanted to pass a chit. I took the chit and read it! It said,"From- USA To- Iran  Dude, You look awesome!?!? Wanna have coffee?" I was surprised. I thought MUNs were more of a serious thing but I could not stop laughing after reading the chit! This chit was followed by similar nonsense-consisting chits. Then we broke out for the lunch break, during which some dumb fellow (unfortunately another volunteer) told our chair about the kind of content in the chits. The chair made a rule that every chit would only be passed via Press to the delegate. I thought that was the end of the fun but it wasn't. The next session started and something happened which was unpredictable! The girl from the Press told me to give a chit to the girl representing USA which said," From-Iran To-USA You too look awesome! Meet me after the session gets over!" Thanks to the naughty Press girl who kept those nasty messages circulating throughout the conference!

Then it was the time when the greatest, the biggest day came- IIMUN Indore. After an awesome evening at a Convention Centre in Indore for the opening ceremony of IIMUN Indore, it was the starting of the committee session. I was sitting on my seat where a placard was kept which said,"External Affairs Minister." Finally the first session started, the most hilarious one. I still remember that in the first session, I raised a point every five seconds. A point is actually a way you point out some one's mistake, either factual inaccuracy or procedural inaccuracy. I still laugh remembering the situation when I used to raise a Point Of Order(factual inaccuracy) and used to say,"The Member Of Parliament is using personal pronoun." and then the chair used to say,"Member of Parliament OP-8,(for instance)please refrain from using personal pronouns as it deeply hurts the Minister Of External Affairs" making the whole committee laugh! Then came the most embarrassing instance of the conference! The Chair said,"Now, we will vote for the motion introduced by the Member of Parliament RP-14 on the topic 'Destruction of Domestic Retailers Due To FDI" with total time 10 minutes and--" and he paused because I had already raised my placard which was because I wanted to second the motion but then when I found the whole committee staring and laughing at me, I realised the Chair had still not said- those who want to second the motion, raise your placard- and I had already done that. It wouldn't have been embarrassing only if I would have done it once but I did it not twice, but thrice! So that's how I became a joker in the eyes of the Chair, an immature and funny guy in the eyes of other delegates and also famous MUNer in the whole conference!
P.S. Thanks to the Chair because if it wouldn't have been Vibhor Kedia (Chair), then I would not have been surprised to find myself barred from the committee!!!

During my volunteering experience, I witnessed the most historical motion of entertainment where India and Pakistan together did push-ups and USA and Iran(the nasty chit scandal) did catwalk! But during my MUNing experience as a delegate, the motion of entertainment was quite different! Our chair was not only the most tolerant one but also the most creative one! After a day of the conference, he introduced new punishments for everyone- Doing cross-talks: salsa during the motion of entertainment and raising unnecessary points:dancing on the table during the motion of entertainment. That is what made our motion of entertainment different with the Finance Minister and RP-8 doing ball dance and me dancing on the table( again a joker)!
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