October 18, 2014

5 Amazing Buildings- Never Thought Of!!!

1) The Agora Garden Tower--Taipei

This building, which will be finished in 2016, is sending a pretty clear message about the marriage between humans and mother nature. The building is shaped like a double helix while supporting gardens on every floor and recycling rainwater functions.

2) Songjiang Hotel--Songjiang

This outrageously creative and totally gorgeous luxury hotel is going to be built within a quarry in China, with a waterfall cascading over the building's facade.

3) The Dubai Pearl--Dubai

Dubai has added another tremendous building to its skyline with this building, which won't be finished until 2016. It's shaping up to be a luxury hotel with a freaking SKY BRIDGE, as shown in the photo, overlooking the Persian Gulf. 

4)New Generation Global Center--Chengdu

The New Generation Global Center is one of the world largest buildings and has shopping complexes, shops, 7 hotels, a mediterranean village  and also an indoor water park inside it. It boasts of a 19 million sq. feet area which can fit about 3 Sydney Opera House. Most surprisingly, it also has its own artificial sun. 

5) Dawang Mountain Resort-- Dawang

The Dawang Mountain Resort, much like the Songjiang hotel, is an extremely stunning hotel set within a quarry. This particular hotel is going for more of a winter wonderland kind of vibe, and totally nails it.

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