July 11, 2014

QWERTY Keyboard Decreases Our Typing Speed

Before starting with this post please look at your keyboard and observe the first six letters in the first line from thew left. Are they "QWERTY"? Now open your smartphone and see the keyboard. Isn't it the same? Have you ever thought of why is the arrangement of letters like this? Those who have never thought about it, then this post is a must read for them and for those who have thought about it would most probably say this-"They are arranged on the basis of the use of each letter." But this is absolutely wrong! I may prove it. 'E' and 'R' are one of the most frequently used letters in English language. However, you see you would press 'E' and 'R' with probably the third and fourth finger that too of your left hand. How do you explain this arrangement on the basis of there use? This posts not only tells you about the reason for the arrangement of letters in keyboard, but also tells you that do not blindly follow formulas.

The QWERTY keyboard comes from the time when computers were not invented. Typewriters were used. Typewriters have a lever for each letter. When we press a key for the letter, that lever presses on the paper to print the letter. However, if one lever is pressed and another leaver is pressed, before the first lever comes to the initial position, then the typewriter used to get stuck. This was a grave problem. Engineers, scientists worked on it for a lot of time. They were not able to give a solution. So a creative thinker was called. He asked that how could he help in such technical problems? However, he listened to the problem, and replied,"You need to increase the speed of the typing machine. So, IF YOU CAN'T  MAKE THE TYPING MACHINE FASTER, MAKE THE TYPIST SLOWER!" Everyone was silent and just smiled. This is when the QWERTY keyboard was invented. It has the most used letters at the worst places. According to a research the QWERTY keyboard slows us down for about two minutes per fifty words!!!!!
After knowing all this, still the whole world uses QWERTY keyboards and we don't accept any other keyboard.So what we learn from history is-

  • DO NOT RELY ON FORMULAS- We shouldn't follow formulas blindly because they were also once proved. If we use formulas for everything in life then, we will never discover something. Formulas limit our thinking. So whenever we use a formula we should think about the logic behind it, otherwise it may lead to grave problems. QWERTY is the biggest formula which the whole world is following today. Today, we have better keyboards but we don't use any other keyboard than QWERTY. People are just blindly following it.
  • CREATIVITY LEADS TO INNOVATION- If you regularize life, you will never think different and you will never innovate. Think two different ways to solve the same problem. This will help you to find better solutions to similar questions. After observing the problems of typewriters, the engineers thought of ways to increase the speed of the machine but the creative thinker thought of ways to decrease the speed of the typist. The way you think is what matters because success is gained by those who give a different solution to the same problem.        

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