June 10, 2014

Light Emitting Solar Cell And Its Accidental Discovery

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have developed a photovoltaic material which, as well converting light to electricity, can also emit light. According to the researchers, this new type of solar cell could be used to make display screens that also function as solar panels.
The cell was developed using perovskite, a material being investigated for creating high-efficiency, inexpensive solar cells. The discovery of its light emitting capabilities happened almost by accident, when researcher Xing Guichuan shone a laser on the perovskite cell. To the research team's surprise, the solar cell glowed brightly. This is a significant finding as most solar cell materials are effective at absorbing light, not generating light.
"What we have discovered is that it can capture light particles and convert them to electricity, or vice versa," said team member Sum Tze Chien. "By tuning the composition of the material, we can make it emit a wide range of colors, which also makes it suitable as a light emitting device, such as flat screen displays."
Now the question arises is this discovery useful as well as important? I completely agree with the fact that a successful invention is one which has no disadvantages and a lot of advantages. Today, we don't use solar cells because of its high price. But the solar cell made up of perovskite will be very economical. As written above, it has the capabilities of converting,both, light into energy and also  energy into light. Now, if we make out a digital display screen out of this, it will be a screen and also a solar panel. I think this discovery will stand as a milestone in the history of technology!!!
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