June 13, 2014

FIFA World Cup- Technically Speaking

FIFA World Cup commenced from 12 of June 2014 and there starts the festive season. With better stadiums, better anticipation, this FIFA World Cup also is technically very strong and better. In Fact, in this FIFA World Cup, we have overcome the goal's debates and fights by technology. By putting UHD cameras at strategic locations, we have made home a better location to see the match. We have proved that we can achieve anything by using technology. I would like to tell you about 4 ways, how it is technically one of the strongest World Cups-   
Goal Line Technology
Was it a goal, or wasn't it?
The question shouldn't need to be debated in the next five weeks in Brazil, where goal-line technology will be used for the first time in a World Cup.
Fourteen cameras - seven trained on each goalmouth - have been hung up in all 12 World Cup stadiums. The cameras will record 500 images per second, and a computer will digest the frames. Within a second of a ball crossing the line, the referee's special watch will vibrate and flash "GOAL."
End of the debate? It should be. The designer of the system says 2,400 tests have been run in Brazil, without a mistake.

Technology In Ball!
Technology will get a new meaning in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil as the Brazuca balls to be used in the mega event will come with six in-built HD cameras capturing 360 degree view of the on-field action. Encapsulating everything that's Brazil and its passion for the game, the ball has shades of blue, orange and green, and stars on it reflecting the vibrancy and flair associated with the game in the Mecca of football. 
Vanishing foam
In a bid to prevent teams from illegally gaining ground at free-kicks, referees at the tournament will be armed with small canisters of vanishing foam. The biodegradable white substance will be sprayed on the pitch to mark where free-kicks should be taken from and the 10-yard distance that the opposition's defensive wall must observe. Known as Aero Comex Futline, the substance dissolves within a minute. "Players respect it," says Australian referee Ben Williams. "It's a great innovation and I'm looking forward to using it."
Ultra High Definition television
The 2014 World Cup will be the first tournament to be partly captured in Ultra High Definition (UHD), which boasts a resolution approximately four times higher than conventional High Definition television and requires a satellite network capable of handling 100 megabits of data per second. The tournament is seen as a trial run for the technology, which is not yet widely available.

Well, I hope now you realise that, we are in a world where we are totally dependent on technology. Wishing you a very happy F!FA Festive season!!!

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