December 13, 2014

What is a MUN? Participating in an MUN! My Experience

Recently I went to an MUN. I won a special mention award there and contributed to my school's best delegation award! When I told about this to people on social networking sites as well as during conversations, they had that expression which clearly said, "What in the world is an MUN?"
MUN is Model United Nations. It is an initiative by the UN for the youth all over the world to discuss, understand, think and provide solutions to international problems while at the same time to understand and implement the procedures of united Nations in debating.
There are different committees in a MUN conference ranging from DISEC to UNSC(most important committee), from UNHRC to sometimes even political committees like Lok Sabha or All India Political Party Meet! Each committee has one or multiple agendas being discussed simultaneously in the two or three day conference. You follow some strict rules like banned use of personal pronouns. MUNs teach you a lot- delegation skills, oratory skills as well as a encourage you to do a thorough research about the agenda. But its not that serious as people think of it before going to the conference.

Its too much fun to resist in two days and too much research to be done in a month. Let me start from the beginning. The first IIMUN was being held in Indore and our school was invited. Ma'am chose me and 14 others to participate in the MUN. But just because ma'am wanted us to be thorough with the procedure, she told us to volunteer for an MUN and we agreed.Volunteering for a MUN is too much work but undoubtedly too much fun! The first committee session started and I was the one placed in UNSC. The most hilarious job was the passing of chits and reading them. I still remember the girl who was representing  USA raised her hand which meant that she wanted to pass a chit. I took the chit and read it! It said,"From- USA To- Iran  Dude, You look awesome!?!? Wanna have coffee?" I was surprised. I thought MUNs were more of a serious thing but I could not stop laughing after reading the chit! This chit was followed by similar nonsense-consisting chits. Then we broke out for the lunch break, during which some dumb fellow (unfortunately another volunteer) told our chair about the kind of content in the chits. The chair made a rule that every chit would only be passed via Press to the delegate. I thought that was the end of the fun but it wasn't. The next session started and something happened which was unpredictable! The girl from the Press told me to give a chit to the girl representing USA which said," From-Iran To-USA You too look awesome! Meet me after the session gets over!" Thanks to the naughty Press girl who kept those nasty messages circulating throughout the conference!

Then it was the time when the greatest, the biggest day came- IIMUN Indore. After an awesome evening at a Convention Centre in Indore for the opening ceremony of IIMUN Indore, it was the starting of the committee session. I was sitting on my seat where a placard was kept which said,"External Affairs Minister." Finally the first session started, the most hilarious one. I still remember that in the first session, I raised a point every five seconds. A point is actually a way you point out some one's mistake, either factual inaccuracy or procedural inaccuracy. I still laugh remembering the situation when I used to raise a Point Of Order(factual inaccuracy) and used to say,"The Member Of Parliament is using personal pronoun." and then the chair used to say,"Member of Parliament OP-8,(for instance)please refrain from using personal pronouns as it deeply hurts the Minister Of External Affairs" making the whole committee laugh! Then came the most embarrassing instance of the conference! The Chair said,"Now, we will vote for the motion introduced by the Member of Parliament RP-14 on the topic 'Destruction of Domestic Retailers Due To FDI" with total time 10 minutes and--" and he paused because I had already raised my placard which was because I wanted to second the motion but then when I found the whole committee staring and laughing at me, I realised the Chair had still not said- those who want to second the motion, raise your placard- and I had already done that. It wouldn't have been embarrassing only if I would have done it once but I did it not twice, but thrice! So that's how I became a joker in the eyes of the Chair, an immature and funny guy in the eyes of other delegates and also famous MUNer in the whole conference!
P.S. Thanks to the Chair because if it wouldn't have been Vibhor Kedia (Chair), then I would not have been surprised to find myself barred from the committee!!!

During my volunteering experience, I witnessed the most historical motion of entertainment where India and Pakistan together did push-ups and USA and Iran(the nasty chit scandal) did catwalk! But during my MUNing experience as a delegate, the motion of entertainment was quite different! Our chair was not only the most tolerant one but also the most creative one! After a day of the conference, he introduced new punishments for everyone- Doing cross-talks: salsa during the motion of entertainment and raising unnecessary points:dancing on the table during the motion of entertainment. That is what made our motion of entertainment different with the Finance Minister and RP-8 doing ball dance and me dancing on the table( again a joker)!
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October 18, 2014

FDI- Advantages, Disadvantages, Opinion, Solution

FDI!!! Theoretically speaking, it is Foreign Direct Investmney invested from a Multinational Company ,of a country, into another country. When a company, for forgotteninstance, Walmart (from Arkansas) directly invests in another country, for instance, India (Bharti Walmart), it is called as FDI. However, when this point is being made the term "direct" is very important because buying shares is also a tyscan Sava'spe of investment, but it is indirect and therefore, is not considered as FDI. The next question which arises about FDI, especially after Modi budget, is- Good or Bad? 
          The most frequent debate today is FDI- Increase or Decrease? The political question in India is Increased FDI or Decreased FDI? FDI has its merits as well as demerits. So in this post I provide you with the merit and demerits of FDI and also solution to the demerits as wells as my own opinion!!

  • Economic Growth- When FDI is done in any nation it increases the economy and the GDP of the country. The large investments mount the GDP to high ranges of growth. Economic Growth is very important for the country because I think that economic growth is the most basic solution to corruption It leads to growth and prosperity which reduces the probability of doing corruption. Economic growth also increases the resources for the government and hence will lead to growth and development of the whole nation. The best example is the time when FDI was introduced in India during 1991. India was nearly bankrupt,FDI let to the revival of it economy and led to one of fastest growing countries in the world
  • Employment Generation- FDI leads to large scale employment generations which ultimately reduces poverty and unemployment and brings prosperity and peace. Employment is generated not only in the manufacturing sector, but also in the retail sector because many local entrepreneurs get franchise opportunities. Also when investment is done in any other nation, the demands and output increases. For the manufacturing of more outputs, more workforce is needed which again leads to high scale employment generations. In India, 1.5 million jobs have been created due to FDI since the last 5 years. 
  • Competition Maintained- When many MNCs (Multi-National Companies) enter India a competition for providing the best quality goods at lowest rates is created which keeps a check on inflation. When FDI was introduced in India, the inflation rate stood at 17% and within one year it dropped to 7% which in the further one year dropped to 5.6%!! Its not a co-incidence but its the magic of FDI. Also if the company doesn't provide the consumers with good quality products, it will be defeated in the competition among other companies and hence FDI also provides better quality products. Also, when there is a competition, it minimizes the probability of monopolization.
  • Strengthens Bi-Lateral Relations- When companies from other countries invest in India, they have interest in our growth because India's growth would also increase their profits. They have interest and trust in our economical stability. Therefore, FDI also makes an economical relationships with other countries and economical relationship is the base of every other relationship. We need to maintain good relationships with other countries because if India wants to be part of the Security Council, it must be voted by other countries and other countries(veto) will vote for India when they have interest in our growth. Therefore, FDI is important and advantageous even for the external affairs. 
  • Consumers' Choice- When many MNCs enter a nation, the consumers get many choices and get the freedom to choose the best. Hence, the consumer is not forced to buy product which he/she doesn't like. Therefore, a company has to maintain the quality of its product and its economy which also reduces the greatest risk of FDI.
  • Improved Infrastructure And Supply Chain- When MNCs enter India it, revolutionizes the supply chain from the manufacturer to the consumer and also updates the infrastructure which reduces the loss of grains and other perishable goods.In India 20% of the grains produced is wasted due to poor infrastructure or unscientific methods of storage and transportation. This merit cannot be doubted because the UPA government made a law in 2011 which clearly states that at least 50% of the investment by foreign brands must be utilized in backhand infrastructure. Also, taking about this laws implementation, the companies will have self certify which can be checked by the Indian government as and when required. Secondly,when MNCs will enter India they will make the storage and transportation facilities more efficient. Today, their are one or more wholesalers and a retailer between the manufacturer and the consumer and hence, all the middlemen take their own share of profit making the product more expensive. However, when MNCs will enter India (especially retail sector) they will remove the role of middlemen and will provide the products directly from the manufacturer to the consumers and hence, will reduce the cost of the same product.
  • Tax Deduction- If a product which is usually imported from some other country comes to another country, the price will become higher because of thee application of import duty and taxes. Therefore, FDI will allow the company to set up their plants in the host country which will reduce prices of the products because of the deduction of the duty and taxes which were implied before. Hence, not only the deduction of prices be caused because of maintenance of competition but also because of import duty deduction.     
  • Destruction Of Domestic Retailers- When FDI (especially in retail) is done in a nation, it destroys the local, domestic retailers as the huge MNCs like Walmart, steal the customers of the local retailers. People start buying from huge supermarkets instead of ''sabzi mandis'' and ''kirana shops.'' This causes great unemployment. For example in Thailand, when FDI was allowed, 50000 retailers lost their job. 
  • Loss Of Self Competitive Strength- When MNCs enter a nation, the domestic retailers or the smaller companies don't have the will or power to compete against these large international giants. Also, if some company tries to compete against these large MNCs, they are either bought or merge with the bigger one. For example, we have never heard of an Indian counterpart of Walmart and by allowing Walmart to invest in India, we never will. 
  • Destruction Of Culture- When huge Multi-National Companies enter India, they destroy the Indian culture as they bring there own western culture. If FDI is further allowed in India, it will fully destroy the Indian culture as the multinational companies would attract all the customers by its economical price and excellent quality which would cause the closing of the cultural shops. 
  • The Fear Of Monopolization- As, we (Indians)learn from history, people who came as traders became rulers of the country. In the same way, when MNCs will enter any nation, there is always a fear of monopolization. If there is some very successful company, it may buy all other companies and merge with all its competitors leaving no or negligible competitors which may allow the company to increase the prices and decrease the quality. Since there are no other competitors, the consumers are forced to buy the products which they don't like. Hence, FDI may lead to monopolization over the market. The best and the most historic example which I can ever give is about the most successful software company- Microsoft. About some decades ago Microsoft had a very successful operating system for PCs and about 90 % of the computers in U.S.A. had Microsoft OS. However, other software of Microsoft such as Media Player and Data Base Management Systems were not that successful. So Microsoft only allowed Media Players and other software of Microsoft to work on its OS. Microsoft used its successful OS to make its other software successful. This monopolistic behaviour led to unfair competition and the monopolization of Microsoft over the software industry which prevails even today!
  • Increased Corruption- People give the reason that when MNCs come to any nation they infect the nation of corruption. People say that since FDI has been allowed in India, India has become corrupt and has made India the eighth most corrupt nation in the world. Also people give the argument that since MNCs have entered India they have caused the world's largest scams! This can be seen by a practical example of one of our neighbor country, which is said as the most favorable country for FDI - China. However, though China has such a large international market but it is the country with the highest corruption and also UNCTAD reports say that India's black money is only 5% of that of India.
  • Unhealthy Food Habits- People also give the argument that FDI leads to the development of unhealthy food habits. USA which is the nation with the highest obesity rate, people blame some leading food chains such as McDonalds for that. Similarly people fear of similar kind of unhealthy habits in India, if FDI is allowed.                              
 Personally speaking, I support FDI in all sectors. FDI ,as told above, is very important and advantageous. FDI not only increases economic growth, employment generation, quality of product and quality of supply chain but also keeps a check on inflation and monopolization and strengthens bi-lateral relationships. However, in the above lines I have also written about the disadvantages of FDI. Then, with a wholesome of disadvantages, why would I support increased FDI? I think that other measures can be taken to get rid of these demerits, however reducing or banning Foreign Direct Investment is not a solution to any of these!

Firstly, talking about the destruction of domestic retailers, it is the best argument I have met so far. However, it is just some research which relieved me. In 2011, a law was passed stating that foreign multi brand wholesale shops can be opened only outside the boundaries of the city. This will prevent the customers of domestic retailers too be stolen by the wholesale giants. Secondly,Thailand has opened some funds for the domestic organized retailers. Similar funds can be opened in India also to protect these retailers. Thirdly, there is another law that 30% of the products of multi brand retail giants must be bought from Indian companies with a total investment of less than 1 million US$. I think, due to this law, increased FDI in retail will increase the profits of domestic Indian manufacturers.
             Coming to the next demerit i.e. destruction of culture, I must say that is the weakest argument I have met! I think that FDI can be no reason for the destruction of culture, because even without FDI India is highly exposed to other cultures through social media and internet. Therefore, destruction of culture cannot become any kind of barrier for the success of FDI. However, still for satisfying the people, separate funds can be opened and financial assistance can be provided to the shops that sell products featuring a particular culture.
               Coming to the next point that is the fear of monopolization is something which is nothing to fear. To prevent monopolization by any company or trader a law has been made in the U.S.A. as well as in India which allows the court to take action against any company which displays monopolistic behavior. To make you understand this better I will take the same case which I took as an example to explain the ''fear of monopolization.'' In U.S.A. when Microsoft displayed such kind of monopolistic behavior (read the point ''fear of monopolization'') some companies such as Oracle, which had a very successful database management system but was failing due to Microsoft's behavior, approached the Court. Then, the Court divided Microsoft into two companies, one looking after its OS (Operating System) and the other looking after its other products such as Media Player. The Court said that the customers would buy Microsoft's OS as an different product and Media Player and other things as different products. This gave the customers the freedom to choose the best product in the best category. For example, now the customers could buy Microsoft's OS and Oracle's Database Management System. 
                 Now, taking about corruption caused by the MNCs, this is also a very weak argument. I don't realize why people blame FDI for the increased corruption in any nation. I don't think that MNCs are responsible for corruption because corruption can be caused by any corporation irrespective of the country where it has originated. Taking about India, when people talk about the coal scams, let me tell you that the companies involved in the scams were corporations like Adani Group and Aditya Birla Group which are Indian corporations rather than Multi national corporations. Taking about China, it is so much corrupt because of the kind of government there. China has a communist government that is the whole country is ruled by a few people, and these people are highly corrupt. Also another probable reason for corruption in China is that because being in power , that will have to satisfy the people and hence, usually bribes are given to be in power.

FDI in retail is one of those topics in which the debate is unending but never tedious. However, when it comes to 'yes' or 'no' it comes to you because by saying that I support FDI in retail, I don't want to restrict your minds from thinking. However, FDI in retail is something which at one hand increases the economic growth but at the other side destroys the domestic retailers. It will strengthen India's relation but at the same time will destroy the self-competitive strength of the Indian companies. So, FDI has two faces, one is the evil face of demerits and another is the holy face of merits, but its just the angle by which you see this!  

July 11, 2014

QWERTY Keyboard Decreases Our Typing Speed

Before starting with this post please look at your keyboard and observe the first six letters in the first line from thew left. Are they "QWERTY"? Now open your smartphone and see the keyboard. Isn't it the same? Have you ever thought of why is the arrangement of letters like this? Those who have never thought about it, then this post is a must read for them and for those who have thought about it would most probably say this-"They are arranged on the basis of the use of each letter." But this is absolutely wrong! I may prove it. 'E' and 'R' are one of the most frequently used letters in English language. However, you see you would press 'E' and 'R' with probably the third and fourth finger that too of your left hand. How do you explain this arrangement on the basis of there use? This posts not only tells you about the reason for the arrangement of letters in keyboard, but also tells you that do not blindly follow formulas.

The QWERTY keyboard comes from the time when computers were not invented. Typewriters were used. Typewriters have a lever for each letter. When we press a key for the letter, that lever presses on the paper to print the letter. However, if one lever is pressed and another leaver is pressed, before the first lever comes to the initial position, then the typewriter used to get stuck. This was a grave problem. Engineers, scientists worked on it for a lot of time. They were not able to give a solution. So a creative thinker was called. He asked that how could he help in such technical problems? However, he listened to the problem, and replied,"You need to increase the speed of the typing machine. So, IF YOU CAN'T  MAKE THE TYPING MACHINE FASTER, MAKE THE TYPIST SLOWER!" Everyone was silent and just smiled. This is when the QWERTY keyboard was invented. It has the most used letters at the worst places. According to a research the QWERTY keyboard slows us down for about two minutes per fifty words!!!!!
After knowing all this, still the whole world uses QWERTY keyboards and we don't accept any other keyboard.So what we learn from history is-

  • DO NOT RELY ON FORMULAS- We shouldn't follow formulas blindly because they were also once proved. If we use formulas for everything in life then, we will never discover something. Formulas limit our thinking. So whenever we use a formula we should think about the logic behind it, otherwise it may lead to grave problems. QWERTY is the biggest formula which the whole world is following today. Today, we have better keyboards but we don't use any other keyboard than QWERTY. People are just blindly following it.
  • CREATIVITY LEADS TO INNOVATION- If you regularize life, you will never think different and you will never innovate. Think two different ways to solve the same problem. This will help you to find better solutions to similar questions. After observing the problems of typewriters, the engineers thought of ways to increase the speed of the machine but the creative thinker thought of ways to decrease the speed of the typist. The way you think is what matters because success is gained by those who give a different solution to the same problem.        

June 8, 2014

The Idea Of Time Travel- The World Of Universe

Have you ever imagined yourself in a spacecraft or on the rough surface of Moon? Even I wouldn't have thought about this if I had not read this book of Stephen Hawking. It consists of all the interesting things in the world of universe. Out of all these things, something which I read was so fascinating that I just couldn't wait to write it here. And there all of it written below-
Before introducing you to the world of time travel,there's some information that qualifies you to read the further part.

  • Everything in our Universe takes time to travel, even light.
  • In space, light always travels at the maximum speed that is possible: 186,000 miles per second (300,000 km per second). This speed is called the speed of light
  • When light leaves the Sun, it takes about 8 minutes and 30 seconds to reach us on Earth. However, this is considered a very small duration of time, though it travels approximately  1,53,00,00,000 km !!!
  • Though the distance between Sun and The Earth is 1,53,00,00,000, still it is the closest  star to the Earth. In fact, the second closest star to the Earth which is Proxima Centauri, is 40280 billion km away.
  • Due to these large distances in space, distance is measured in terms of light-years, which is the distance light travels in one year. A light-year is almost 6,000 billion miles (around 9,500 billion km). Therefore, it takes approximately 4.24 years for light to reach from Proxima Centauri to Earth at the speed of 300,000 km per second!!!!!!! 

This world is made up of fascinating things and I hope I proved that in the previous 10 or 15 lines. But how is all this stuff related to time travel? For this you need to think creatively, scientifically and innovatively. What I am going to explain next was thought by Einstein. I just modified all that science into simple logic, just for you. There is nothing in the laws of physics to prevent time travel. It may be extremely difficult to put into practice; but it is not impossible.

1) What we are seeing now has taken place before?
Let us assume that we see the nebula of a star just now. This nebula is tens of millions of kilometers away. Therefore it will take several years for light to reach our eyes. Therefore, what we saw just now has already taken place  several years before. Similarly sun has rose 8 minutes 30 seconds prior to when we see it. 

2)If the rays of light meet our eyes before other eyes,we can see the event before others.
We see an event when the light rays from the event enter the retina of our eyes. Now when we are going in a spaceship and we are on the path that light has taken from the nebula to the Earth. Therefore, light from the nebula will reach our eyes. This means that we will see the nebula, however the people on Earth won't be able to see this nebula.

3) Can someone see an event two times?
Now,let us imagine that we turn when we see the nebula. Now if we travel with light (at its speed), towards the Earth, then we will reach Earth before the rays of light. Therefore, this means that we can see the nebula again when we reach Earth.

4) Seeing something two times is time travel.
Everything in this world happens once. We a particular nebula's sight only once. However, if you see it twice than you seen it, once before it has taken place and the other time when it takes place. Therefore, we were there at the moment when an event has not taken place and still we saw it. This means that we have seen the future. Hence, we have time traveled.

5) CONCLUSION- We Can Time Travel If We Can Travel At More Speed Than Light.
In the above point I have proved that we can time travel, but there is always one condition to every big invention. Here, it is that you need travel at a speed which is higher than light's speed. But why? As I told you in the 3rd point that we will see it two times only if we travel towards the Earth with light or faster than light.
Therefore, we can time travel if we invent a vehicle which can travel at a higher speed than light!!!!!!!Now just tell me what could be more fascinating than that!!!

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May 19, 2014

Why Do we Say "Cheers" ?- Interesting Read

After a long time something caught my attention and I thought I should share this with you. When we drink soft drinks or any kind of drinks, we say "cheers." Have you ever thought why do we say that? Though there is no particular reason discovered till now, but you always have predictions. Two of the very interesting, logical and real predictions which I came across recently are down here-  

  • The Five Senses- We all know that we have five senses and sense organs that is eye, ear, mouth, skin and nose. We drink drinks to celebrate. When we drink , we can enjoy the drink and take its delight by smelling, tasting, feeling or seeing. However we can not take its "आनंद" by hearing. We say "cheers" so that we can enjoy the drink by its to its maximum limit
  •  World War 1- During the time of World War 1, the world was infected with terrorism and no one could be trusted. Therefore, whenever two people drunk wine or some other drink, They used to fill it to its brim and then they would say cheers and gently touch each other's glass. This touch mixed each-other's drink and so if one had mixed some poisonous into another one's drink, both would die together. There ends the story of the invention of this word- "cheers" 
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