August 31, 2013

Airo-Terrestrial Restaurant In Indore

restaurant to be made in airplane in Indore
 Indore foodies would shortly be getting an entirely different dining experience in the city as a private company is all set to establish unique restaurant which would be designed inside a defunct airplane.The passersby in MR-10 area on Friday morning were in for plenty of surprise as an airplane atop a trailer passed through the road at around 10am. The locals were quite amused by seeing a plane travelling by road.The trailer reached Star square on MR-10 road and was parked there but by that time a large crowd gathered on the sport.The crowd having no idea about the happenings started floating different assumptions about the plane. However, the plane would actually be converted into a restaurant at Star square. Company representative Kailash Sharma told that the Delhi-based company Standard Products owns the now defunct Indian Airlines plane- bought in an auction, recently.Sharma, who was given the task of levelling the ground for the project and move the plane to the designated spot, claimed that the 180-seater plane would be converted into a unique restaurant by the company.A director from the company would visit the city for revealing the details of the project on Sunday. The 18-ton plane sans engine was dispatched from Delhi via road route 25 days ago. The plane has the length of 120 feet and with wings attached to main structure, the plane would width of 120 feet.The wings would be attached to the main frame later, Sharma said.Claiming that he did not have many details about the project, Sharma claimed that perhaps this would be first such unique restaurant in the country. I was also a suspect. I  have lots of expectations with the upcoming airplane restaurant. Lets hope!!!

August 29, 2013

New Ideas-1

Have you ever thought in the future when there will be water scarcity, how to get a solution?
Yes, I have thought of some of these things. This is one.When I'll grow up I'll become an automobile engineer and I'll make a tanker with a mechanism which sucks air through a vacuum in pipe and cold water flowing through the edges of the pipes. The moisture in the air will condense and the water droplets will fall in the tanker. This water may be used. This can be solution to water scarcity and a way of earning money.But why future why not now??? I said future because today water is cheaper than the mechanism installed for condensation.
I think youth is the future of the whole world and these ideas are way to achieve success.If any one has any other idea so you may share it with me.  

Laugh Out Loud-2

One day Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson went on camping.They put there tent below the stars.In midnight Sherlock Holmes wake Watson up and asked-What can you see above?
Watson-Thousands of stars.
Holmes-What do you interpret from this?
Watson If there are so many stars, they may have there own planets and if there are so many planets than there may be one planet like Earth and if there is some planet like Earth and if there is some planet like Earth life may exist.
Holmes-Idiot!! This means that our tent has been robbed!!!!!