May 31, 2012

Some Words About Akio Morita

The commercial trademark of Sony is householdname in every countryacros the world.This the story of the great visionary who created thisawesome brand name Akio Morita.Akio was bornon January 26,1921,in a small town called Nagoya in Japan.His family was in the traditional business of Sake brewing,and was very well off..Akio grew up in an intense business like atmosphere.His father Kyuzaemon tutored Akio in various nuances of the Sake brewing.Akio was enthralled withh gadgets from a young age.He was also extremely interested in Maths and Physics.After his graduation he entered the Osaka Imperial University to study physics.In,1944,Akio graduated and immediately joined the Nave as a Lieutenant.At that time Japan  was completly involved in wars.It was here that Akio met Masaru Ibuka,who go on to become Akio's business partner later on.
          After the war Akio was in a dilemma about his career.Akio got together with Masaru Ibuka and started a company called the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K in !946.The company was started with of a rebuilt Japan in the shortest time,with capital of 190,000 yen and around 20 employees.In 1958 Akio and Masaru decided to change their company's name to "Sony".In 1960 Akio formed the Sony Corparation Of America to exploit the huge potentials available in the United States.In addition Akio's creativity led to inventions like Walkman and Video cassete recorder.In 1968 Akio forayed in music business when he joined hand with CBS Inc.,a leading music software company in U.S.Akio's efforts were recoganized when he recieved various awards.The doyen of the Sony Corparations who bought joy and happiness to millions of families in the world passed away in Tokyo,Japan,on October 3,1999.He left behind a massive business kingdom present the world over.

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